Sander Knotnerus
Product lead
Utrecht Area, Netherlands | Information Technology and Services
Product Lead (2011 - Huidig)
Privately Held, 51-200, Hospital & Health Care

ZorgDomein improves patient care by providing smart digital solutions to facilitate communication between health care providers. The efficiency and effectiveness of care paths are significantly improved through our safe and smart digital tools, connecting GP’s, specialists, hospitals, mental health care facilities, diagnostic centers and more. We strive to create a complete and digital communication platform in health care, and aim to improve patient care in a sustainable way.

ZorgDomein provides solutions for:
• eReferral
• eDiagnostics
• eTeleconsultation

In addition, ZorgDomein provides a number of services with regard to advisory, support, communication solutions for integrated care, and interfaces with other ICT systems.

The goals of ZorgDomein include:
• Providing transparency to patients and health care providers on the availability of health care
• Providing clear information to patients and health care providers
• Providing health care facilities the possibility to coordinate (integrated) health care by providing clear insight on patient flows
• Avoiding unnecessary patient visits and consults
• Avoiding unnecessary phone calls, manual procedures and paperwork

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